We put together a number of videos that were designed to help people who live with an alcoholic to start to care for themselves.  This is the first of that group Live with an alcoholic - get information.

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Don't argue with a drunk!  Seems obvious doesn't it.  So why are we actually taking time out to make a video about it?  Well for the most part because even though it is obvious AND we all know it, somehow we end up doing just that, arguing with the drunk.  It just feels like we can't help ourselves.  They press all our buttons and suddenly we are embroiled in an argument that goes all the way round the houses but gets nowhere and we feel drained, frustrated and really angry.

If you want to find out more about this subject then go to alcoholism videos.
Unfortunately this an all too common situation.  The shame and the stigma of living with an alcoholic often leads the partner to withdraw from her friends, family and social circle until one day she feels alone.

If you want to watch more of these videos the go to alcoholism videos or you can get more information about living with an alcoholic at Bottled up
Another question we are often asked is "Is it better to drink beer or spirits?  In this video we address this issue of whether there is a hierarchy of drinks in regard to harm.

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Does he have a drinking problem/ is he an alcoholic?  This is another question that we are asked regularly.  In this video we try to get people to look at drinking problems in a different and, we think, more useful way.  As before we welcome comments.
If you would like to watch this video and the others in the series on Youtube then click on the link Alcoholism videos.
What is an alcoholic?  This is always a topic for debate.  Although the American Medical Association recently produced an updated definition of an alcoholic, there is huge controversy about what it is and is it a disease.  Here is our opinion about this thorny issue.
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Here is another video for anyone living with an alcoholic.  This one introduces Bottled Up and the approach that we take there.  When we record videos we don't script them and we don't edit them.  We are trying to achieve the feeling of sitting in the room with you talking about the issue, rather than be 'experts' lecturing at you.  What do you think of the style, let us know in the comments below.

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We created a series of videos in Youtube.  Over the next few weeks we will share these videos here.  Most of these videos concern tips on how to survive living with an alcoholic.
If you are living with someone who is suffering from alcoholism then click on the link.  We have resources to help and support you and show you how you can change your life.