Here is another video for anyone living with an alcoholic.  This one introduces Bottled Up and the approach that we take there.  When we record videos we don't script them and we don't edit them.  We are trying to achieve the feeling of sitting in the room with you talking about the issue, rather than be 'experts' lecturing at you.  What do you think of the style, let us know in the comments below.

If you know someone who is suffering from alcoholism, their own or their partners, please share this link.

We created a series of videos in Youtube.  Over the next few weeks we will share these videos here.  Most of these videos concern tips on how to survive living with an alcoholic.
If you are living with someone who is suffering from alcoholism then click on the link.  We have resources to help and support you and show you how you can change your life.
I have posted a new post on my alcohol blog.  This posts discusses the issue of employers who adopt a Zero Tolerance alcohol policy believing that will solve their problem.  The post suggests that this approach could create at least as many problems as it is trying to solve.  You can find the alcohol blog here.
Today the website is live, which is great.  I have been meaning to build this website for some time.  I have wanted to bring all the things that we do under the one roof, so to speak, and this website is designed to do just that.

The other big happening is that Alcohol Concern have come out and suggested that the government should mandate employers to manage alcohol issues.  There are of course many reasons why they should do that and some of them are discussed in the SPREADE website.
The first post of the new Iloumanate Blog.  I am hoping that the website will go live very soon and will be the start of a new era of changing the drinking culture in the uk.  So watch this space.